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Dry cleaner bags

Dry Cleaner bags are specially designed to protect various sizes of clothing used by dry cleaners, laundry services, garment industry.

These bags are easy to use and are a quick way of giving a product a clean and finished look.

Key benefits

  • High-clarity, high-gloss finish for clear view of the contents within
  • Fully customizable to your industry segment

100% Recyclable

Recycled content

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  • Width & Length: custom
  • Thickness: down to 20 µm
  • Material: LDPE/ LLDPE
  • Colour: Transparent, custom


  • Flexographic print up to 4 colours
  • Style: Shoulder slope bags
  • Gussets possible
  • Vent holes


Guseted sleeve

Flat sleeve

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Garment clothing bags adhesive tape

Garment packaging bags

Our clear garment packaging plastic bags are perfect for long-term clothing storage and free from dirt and dust. Whether you want to pack larger or smaller clothing items, we supply all sizes and types to maintain your garment’s shape and quality.

Key benefits

  • Fully customisable to your industry segment
  • High gloss and clarity make an excellent presentation on the shelf
  • Approved in contact with food/ non-toxic


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  • Width: up to 900 mm
  • Thickness: 25 – 60 µm
  • Material: LDPE, CPP


  • Garment industry: textiles, t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, pants hoodies, dresses, jackets etc.


  • Flexographic print up to 4 colours
  • Warning information in many languages
  • Resealable adhesive tape
  • High clarity material
  • Vent holes


  • High seal performance
  • Custom clarity, gloss & stiffness properties
  • Excellent puncture and burst resistance for heavy-duty applications
  • Different coefficient of friction