Flexible films

Form, Fill & Seal films

Versatile and valuable film solutions for any market

Form-fill-seal films FFS packaging film Balproma
FFS confectionery snacks bar Balproma

Form, Fill & Seal films

Are engineered to gain maximum production efficiency through increased output and speed, while offering extended shelf life and premium product presentation.

Key benefits

  • Fully customisable to your industry segment
  • Outstanding performance on both vertical & horizontal FFS lines
  • Approved in contact with food


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  • PE mono film
  • PE/PA co-ex structure
  • PE/PET laminated film
  • Triplex PE/PET/MET PET structure
  • 5-7 layers barrier film


  • Fresh & Frozen food: Vegetables & fruits, meat, poultry
  • Confectioniery: cookies, snacks, sweets, bread
  • Dry food & Flour
  • Lawn & Garden: fertilizers , seed, peat moss, wood pellets
  • Industrial Salt & Minerals
  • Chemical & Petrochemical


  • Optimized surface resistance & charge decay
  • Moisture and oxygen barrier films tailored to your specific application
  • Available to convert tubular FFS film into open mouth bags


  • High Seal Performance
  • Custom clarity, gloss & stiffness properties
  • Excellent puncture & burst resistance
  • Excellent smoothness, very low “co-efficient of friction” for easier flow in the packaging machine

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