Sustainability is integrated into our business

Balproma is committed to operating as a sustainable and environmentally accountable business. It is our obligation to understand, and work to minimize our environmental impact. Whether in our operations or along our supply chain, our sustainability agenda works to create sustainable value for our customers and the environment.

BIO-based packaging

A new generation of biodegradable films giving a remarkable contribution to improving sustainability of modern packaging.

Sustainable packaging films are made of 100% PLA resin (Poly-Lactic-Acid is obtained from corn or other startch/sugar sources) designed to cover a wide range of food and non-food packaging applications, using existing converting and packaging technologies. Packaging is fully compostable and has similar mechanical and optical properties as conventional, flexible plastic packaging, including:transparency, flexibility, sealing strength and durability.

Sustainable practices

Balproma is working in tandem with domestic and global manufacturing partners that invest in research and development, continuous improvements in facilities, processes, and equipment that provide a sustainable packaging solutions while still being fit-for-purpose.

We are regularly achieving sustainability gains for customers by:

  • Using more post-consumer waste resin – lowering demand on virgin resources;
  • Continuously incorporating more and more recycled resin into our production range;
  • Reducing the gauge and weight of their packaging;

* Minimazing use of packing materials: use less cardboard; when packing materials are in good condition, re-use them when shipping outbound; use recycled resin foils for packing; change paper tubing into recycled plastic tubing as alternative.

By nature, flexible packaging is more environmentally friendly than many other packaging forms

Consume less energy and fewer natural resources

Results in higher product-to-package ratio

Generates less CO₂ emissions

Requires fewer lorries for transportation, using less fuel and creating less emissions

Reduce, reuse, recover & recycle

At Balproma, we believe very strongly in the conservation of our environment, its resources and the recycling of as much product as possible. We believe in living the practice of “reduce”, “reuse”, “recover” and “recycle”. These four practices are the pillars of our commitment to a better environment and social responsibility.