Sustainable approach to plastics

Arguably one of the biggest changes – and challenges – in recent years has been the global demand for more sustainable practices in plastics manufacturing.
We strongly believe in the benefits of a Circular Economy to protect our environment by recycling, reusing, and reducing packaging. It is about enhancing the performance and recyclability of packaging to build a cleaner future for future generations.

Sustainable practices

We reTHINK packaging towards circularity to make a positive, sustainable and
meaningful contribution to our customers and the environment

Balproma sustainability circle

Sustainable attributes

Whether in our operations or along our supply chain, our sustainability agenda
works to create sustainable value for our customers and the environment



Recyclable means that the packaging can be collected, sorted, reprocessed, and ultimately reused in manufacturing or making another item.



Recycled content refers to a package composed totally or partially of recycled material. The material can be derived from two sources: Post-consumer or post-industrial.



Optimized packaging that fulfils the required function with the least amount of material use



Materials derived from renewable sources such as corn sugar cane, or trees



Optimized packaging that fulfils the required function with the least amount of material use

Sustainable development goals

At Balproma, we want to contribute to more sustainable future for our planet and are working to do more to support the delivery UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Presently, we have focused our effort on specific goals that most closely align with our current business strategy and purpose.

SDG 7: The use of electricity from renewable energy sources is just the first step on our way to actively addressing the issue of decarbonization, taking responsibility, and making our contribution to climate protection.
SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production at Balproma encompasses sustainability through supply chains, industrial operations, product design, materials' selections and recyclability product.
SDG 17: Global cooperation with production units, universities, startup companies, and other partners in order to promote a more sustainable world.

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